Allan Sekula's Black Tide/Marea negra acquired by TBA21

January 9, 2018

Allan Sekula

Allan Sekula, Fishing for fuel, surveying the damage (Ria de Pontevedra, 12-19-02; Museo do Alemán, Camelle, 12-22-02), from Black Tide/Marea negra, 2002-2003

Allan Sekula

Allan Sekula, Dripping black trapezoid (Lendo, 12-22-02), from Black Tide/Marea negra, 2002-2003

Allan Sekula's Black Tide/Marea negra, 2002-2003 has been acquired by Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) in Vienna, Austria. Consisting of twenty photographs in total, the photo-essay documents the 2002 oil spill off the Galician coast in Spain and Portugal. The spill was caused by the sinking of the oil tanger, Prestige, which released more than twenty million gallons of oil into the sea, polluting thousands of kilometers of coastline. A significant portion of the effort to contain and clean up the oil spill was carried out by volunteers. Sekula documented their efforts, as well as the disastrous environmental conditions caused by the spill.


Black tide/Marea negra has been exhibited at the Generali Foundation in Vienna, Austria; MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts; National Museum, Zadar, Croatia; and the Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon; among others.


Black tide/Marea negra will join TBA21's extensive collection of the work of Allan Sekula, which includes Middle Passage (from Fish Story, Chapter 3), 1993; Message in a Bottle (from Fish Story, Chapter 5), 1988-1993; Lottery of the Sea, 2006; Tsukiji, 2001; and Walking on Water (from Fish Story, Chapter 9), 1990-1995.