Antonio Ballester Moreno Receives Art Situacions 2017 Award

February 23, 2017

Antonio Ballester Moreno has been awarded the Art Situacions ARCOmadrid 2017 Award. Art Situacions is an initiative founded by private sponsorship for the purpose of promoting creativity internationally with a forward looking approach to art. In its firm commitment to emerging art, Art Situacions seeks to encourage young creators in promoting awareness of existing art. In conjunction with the award, the organization has acquired four paintings by Ballester Moreno, including Light, 2016; Moon, 2016; Inverted Blue, 2016; and Twenty Triangles, 2016, which will join the Art Situacions Collection.


The recipient of the award was selected by a panel of judges including María de Corral, independent curator; Nimfa Bisbe, Head of Art Collections at La Caixa Foundation; and Carlos Urroz, Director of ARCOmadrid. The award was presented to Ballester Moreno by the panel of judges as well as Art Situacions Director, Pilar Forcada Torra and Art Situacions 2017 patron, Marcel Pascual, General Manager of Honda Greens.