Gianfranco Foschino, Artist in Residence at Bosque Pehuén

April 21, 2017

Gianfranco Foschino Residency at Pehuen Forest

Gianfranco Foschino is currently participating in the first artist in residence program at Bosque Pehuén. Bosque Pehuén, located in Southern Chile, is a private natural reserve that aims to protect biodiversity through scientific research and educational programs, while also serving as a space for the development of cultural projects that seek to converge art and science. 


Bosque Pehuén (Pehuén Forest) was founded as a conservation initiative by the Fundación Mar Adentro in 2006. The newly established residency program seeks to develop initiatives in art, education and nature that encourage a change with respect to the value that is placed upon our natural and cultural heritage. As a foundation, the program seeks to encourage reflections about nature that expand beyond the scientific scope, to communicate to a general public, on a sensory and not just cognitory level, through art.


Artists Charlotte Graham of New Zealand and Etienne de France of France are also participating in the residency program along with Foschino. Throughout the innovative residency, the artist will live with the indigenous Mapuche community, travel through the nature reserve with scientists from the Universidad Austral and will hold workshops in local schools from April 10 to 30.