Gianfranco Foschino at Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo Cerrillos

June 22, 2017

Gianfranco Foschino

Gianfranco Foschino, La Pelota, 2006, high-definition video, color, silent, 10 minutes, looped

Gianfranco Foschino is included in the exhibition Lo Que Ha Dejado Huellas (What Has Left Traces) at Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo Cerrillos in Santiago, Chile. The exhibition features 175 works from Gabriela Mistral CNCA Gallery Collection. This is the first public exhibition of the collection in its twenty year history.


Curated by visual artist, Magdalena Atria, and Florencia Loewenthal, director of the Gabriela Mistral Gallery, the exhibition features works that address a diverse array of ideas, ranging from the question of the role of art in society and its expressive possibilities, the construction of visual alphabets from objects, reflections on identity, to humor and irony. Lo Que Ha Dejado Huellas is on from June 10 to August 14.