Gianfranco Foschino at Welkunstzimmer

July 13, 2018

Gianfranco Foschino, Welkunstzimmer, Christopher Grimes Gallery

Gianfranco Foschino, 1065591, 2012, high definition video, color, silent, projection or 55 inch LED screen with wood frame, 6 minutes, looped, edition of 3, with 2 AP

Gianfranco Foschino: Das Kind is currently on view at Welkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf, Germany. As part of the Asphalt Festival, Foschino's video installation is on view through July 22 alongside the work of Mexican artist, Moris.


Gianfranco Foschino's works are created with a fixed camera, which is focused on a motif for several minutes. With their perfect composition and their mostly open end, the videos irritate our viewing habits. Structures of a narrative film become visible and then become absurd. It creates a tension that dissolves into nothingness because the usual dramatic development is denied. Foschino himself says: "My intention is to slow down the exhibition visitors to make them active, conscious viewers. In doing so, I try to expand the possibilities of perception by focusing attention on simple scenes that change very subtly without telling a story."