João Louro at Centro de Artes de Águeda

May 30, 2018

Joao Louro, Christopher Grimes Gallery

João Louro, Land's End, 2002

João Louro is featured in the exhibition Because I am another: Works of the Norlinda and José Lima Collection at Centro Artes de Águenda. The exhibition presents works from the collection which express political or historical significance. Taking its title from a passage of a poem by French writer Jean-Nicolas-Arthur Rimbaud, “because I am another,” the exhibition seeks to evoke the complexities of these words, either directly or metaphorically, on a visual, intellectual, emotional and spiritual level.


The Norlinda and José Lima Collection, developed by entrepreneur José Lima who was born in Águeda and settled in S. João da Madeira, started in the early 1980s and currently holds approximately 1,000 works by 250 artists. The collection traces the panorama of Portuguese and international art since World War II, with an emphasis on the last 25 years. The collection is defined by its multidisciplinarity and eclecticism in terms of both style and theme.


Because I am another is on view through October 30, 2018.