João Louro at DIDAC Foundation

May 3, 2018

Joao Louro

João Louro's solo exhibition, Silence Will Save Us, will open at the DIDAC Foundation in Santiago de Compostela, Spain on May 5. In this exhibition, Louro will debut a series of new works revolving around the theme of music.


In the works of Silence Will Save Us, music becomes the protagonist of Louro's Blind Image series, converted on this occasion into Blind Music. Through the minimal reading of the title of a piece of music on a black background, visitors with a knowledge of the history of music are invited to allow a symphony by Haydn or a piano piece by Schönberg to resonate in their heads.

Along with the Blind Music works, Louro also presents The Score, a series of paintings depicting cover images of classical scores from the German music publisher Edition Peters, founded at the beginning of the 19th century by composer Franz Anton Hoffmeister and organist Ambrosius Kühnel in Leipzig, and whose catalog of works include those of Schönberg, Ligeti and Debussy, among others. Rounding out the exhibition, Louro also includes images of more modern classics including Yesterday by The Beatles and Aquarela do Brasil by Ary Barroso. Collectively, these works give life to an exhibition in which the power of the image and the representation of the musical language via the medium of text, lead us to enter fully into the lexical universe of the artist.


Silence Will Save Us will be on view through July 15, 2018.