João Louro at Municipal Gallery of Porto

March 18, 2018

Joao Louro

João Louro, Happy Birthday, 2000-2001, metal pole, 3 speakers, CD player, recording and amplifier, sound: loop of Happy Birthday played on solo guitar, 290 cm (height)


João Louro is featured in the exhibition Germinal at Galeria Municipal do Porto. This exhibition shows, for the first time, 60 works from Cabrita Reis Collection, acquired in 2015 by EDP Foundation. With a vast and solid representation of the 90s generation of Portuguese artists, as well as artists from earlier and later generations, the exhibition shows defining works by over 30 artists, revealing the visionary and attentive eye not only of the artist, but of the art collector Pedro Cabrita Reis.


Germinal, curated by Pedro Gadanho and Ana Anacleto and held in partnership with MAAT, will be on view in Galeria Municipal do Porto between March 16 and May 20.