Julião Sarmento at Espaço NOVO BANCO

April 23, 2017

Julião Sarmento, LINDA, New York, Março 1978, 1978/2010

Julião Sarmento, LINDA, New York, Março 1978, 1978/2010

Julião Sarmento is featured in the exhibition On Escape and Concurrence: Inverting the Gaze at Espaço NOVO BANCO in Lisbon, Portugal. The exhibition, brought forth by the NOVO BANCO Contemporary Photography Collection, investigates the nature of the human gaze, charting its course from analysis to melancholic reflection. Escape and Concurrence investigates what emerges from the moment when the action of staring is abandoned and the gaze is set free, and when the focus of our attention is suddenly set out of focus and the gaze is no longer directed outwards, but inwards.


Espaço NOVO BANCO hosts rotating exhibitions featuring works from the NOVO BANCO Contemporary Art collection. The purpose of the bank is to expand the reach of art, providing access to contemporary art to those who are not regular museum-goers. It is open on business days from 9 am to 7 pm and offers free admission.