Julião Sarmento at Serralves Museum

December 8, 2017

Julião Sarmento, Christopher Grimes Gallery

Julião Sarmento, Dopplegänger, 2001

Julião Sarmento, Christopher Grimes Gallery

Julião Sarmento, Untitled, screens A and B, 1999

Light Studies: Suggestions, Reflections and Shadows, a group exhibition featuring Julião Sarmento, will be on view at the Serralves Museum in Porto, Portugal through February 19th. The exhibition features works from the Serralves collection by artists who explore various possibilities of light. The artists in Light Studies represent a variety of media, materials and processes that test the boundaries of visual interpretation. Such media extends to photography, exploring light as the very force by which the image is formed, filmic works, in which light is the source for not only taking images but for projecting them as well, and sculpture, in which light plays a role in the exploration of shadows, opacity, transparency, and density.


Light Studies features the work of Julião Sarmento, Ignasi Aballí, Fernando Calhau, Lourdes Castro, Rui Chafes, Noronha da Costa, Ana Hatherly, Marine Hugonnier, Ana Jotta, Jorge Martins, Charlotte Moth, Bruce Nauman, Maria Nordman, Paulo Nozolino, Silvestre Pestana, and Grazia Toderi.