Lucia Koch, installation at SESC Pompeia

April 6, 2018

Lucia Koch, SESC Pompeia

Lucia Koch, A Longa Noite, installation view, SESC Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil, 2018

Lucia Koch, SESC Pompeia

Lucia Koch, A Longa Noite, installation view, SESC Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil, 2018

Lucia Koch's installation The Long Night will open at SESC Pompeia on April 7. The work was created for the 3rd edition of Expanded Plan – a project that proposes the creation of interventions that present and problematize current issues of artists' authorial production and fundamental elements of language in the context of contemporary art – and will be on display until July 8, 2018.


Specially designed to occupy the theater hall, the intervention responds to the local architecture and proposes a temporary transformation of space. A color filter covers the huge glass roof of the environment, imposing a constant violet light that affects the viewer's experience of space and time. As Koch notes:


"Night is the place of anxiety and anticipation. We only endure the night because we anticipate the day, just as we cross the day with dusk. If the color of light does not change, we are stuck in this state of suspension."


The intervention also adds to the site hundreds of wooden rods, which echo the structural elements of the trusses used in Lina Bo Bardi's architecture. Arranged in apparent disorder, as if waiting for a definite destination, the stems are painted red, the color that most stands out under the filter. The artist invites the public to wear red clothes to visit the work.