Takehito Koganezawa at Haus am Waldsee

September 9, 2017

Takehito Koganezawa, Haus am Waldsee

Takehito Koganezawa, A man steel a water, Watercolor on paper, 2017

Takehito Koganezawa will open an exhibition at Haus am Walsee in Berlin on September 13. The exhibition, entitled After the Heat, will present a selection of new watercolor drawings on paper.


The sense of wonder regarding a world as the inner space of discovery is a continous source of material for Koganezawa and his works on paper. In small format the artist extends his everyday impressions as he reflects them in the interior space of his perception. With a sure hand the new series builds on earlier sheets. In many cases surprising and inconsistent elements are joined, appearing encrypted to our Western logic.


Unlike the meditatively moving cycles of his performances and video works, Koganezawa’s watercolors represent moments of pause and contemplation. On some of the sheets a small boy appears. He might be the artist’s alter ego. Does he not see the wood for the trees in “After the Heat”? Is he lost and perplexed in this nocturnal forest of colors? Does the world seem impervious, overbearing and strange to him? Or do Koganezawa’s dreamed imaginations, in the end, tell of an inner world that is more real than the ostensible order surrounding us in the visible world?


After the Heat will be on view through October 15, 2017.