Takehito Koganezawa wins Asian Art Award

March 15, 2018

Takehito Koganezawa has been named the grand prize winner of The Asian Art Award. The Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA is a contemporary art award established to provide assistance for emerging artists in Japan with exciting international prospects in Asia and beyond. The winner was selected through a two-stage process. A panel of five curators first put forward five artists each to make a shortlist of 20 candidates. The four finalists chosen from these created new work, which was exhibited at TERRADA ART COMPLEX in March 2018. During the exhibition, a jury of six international art world figures decided the recipients of the Grand Prize and Special Award. At the heart of its mission, the award aspires to form a sustainable framework for building a comprehensive infrastructure of production, evaluation, circulation, and storage that can contribute to the Asian art world in ways that transcend nationality.


In addition to the monetary award, Koganezawa will be awarded with a studio space, as well as opportunities to hold a solo exhibition in Shanghai (planned for November 2018) and to present work in ART FAIR TOKYO 2019.