Ulrich Wüst at The Chrysler Museum of Art

January 13, 2017

Ulrich Wüst, Christopher Grimes Gallery

Ulrich Wüst, Stadtbilder, 1979-1983 (detail)

Ulrich Wüst, Christopher Grimes Gallery

Ulrich Wüst, Stadtbilder, 1979-1983 (detail)

Ulrich Wüst, Christopher Grimes Gallery

Ulrich Wüst, Spatsommer, 1989

The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia brings the photography of Ulrich Wüst to the U.S. with their exhibition, Public and Private: East Germany in Photographs by Ulrich WüstThrough 84 black and white prints and more than 200 album-mounted prints, the exhibition explores public planning in East Germany under socialist rule and the opposing non-conformity of private life. Trained as an urban planner, Wüst's photographs provide critique to the East German approach to city building. As Wüst recalls: "I wanted to create a landscape of the soul, drawing attention to what we had done to ourselves with our city planning." Wüst's photographs also provide evocative views of the former totalitarian states and the subsequent transformation of the capital, Berlin, after reunification. 


The show includes the full chronological range of Wüst's work, from the 1970s, focusing on his home town of Madgeburg, to recent projects, which continue to document the transformation of Berlin and the historic memory of German cities. 


Public and Private is curated by Gary Van Zante of the MIT Museum, where the exhibition debuted in 2015, in collaboration with the artist and Loock Gallery, Berlin. It will be on view through March 26, 2017.